George Clarke’s 50 shades of DIY SOS small spaces

It is like an episode of Changing Rooms round here .

I’ve had my designer ( Laurence Llewllyn-Bowen ) ,Declan ,in .

I have my attractive painter ( Anna Ryder Richardson ), Jacob , up the ladders while wearing his ghostbuster onesie and clutching his roller .

And previous to this I had Handy Andy ( John ) in ,building wardrobes , and now he’s fiddling with the electrics if this breaks off mid sentence you know why .

Later the same day….

John and I have finally gone all grown-up in the bedroom .The ‘I’ve been tangoed’ orange walls have gone, the beds gone ( very fashionable nowadays ) and stupid named paint colours have come in ..’.Beaver’s Breath’ was an option , but on the advice of Laurence, we settled for Wickes best creamy-white .New bedside chests arrive on Sunday ,courtesy of Laurence, who no longer wants them .Maybe, before he starts making the curtains, I’ll persuade him to part with his bed ,and then I have something to put my memory-foam-topper on.

What a team ( except me – I don’t seem to be doing much )

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