Gerbera- Rosie’s favourites

Last night I met with the lovely and caring ,Ms Anonymous .

She came to our house for tea and we looked at all of your and our artwork and the messages on the huge picture ( those messages are so moving – they continue to blow me away ) .

So Lucy ,I hope you don’t mind me revealing who you are .

Lucy is friends with Emma ,who is friends with Becca ,who is friends with Georgina…and that is the link .So although Lucy didn’t actually know Rosie ,she feels she does ,a bit ,now .

So please all ,encourage everyone to look at Rosie’s website ,not to read this old drivel, but to look at Rosie’s stuff and keep her alive in your heads .I love to hear people have clicked on .It is the cyberspace equivalent of saying of her name .Of course, continue to say it out loud, along with the other people you love and who are no longer physically with you .That is a good thing to do .

We are jetting off to Amsterdam today – can’t wait .

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