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When someone you love so so so so much dies, the fallout is exhausting. As I have said before , I take Rosie everywhere I go and whoever I am with or wherever I am , she is there too. I have found that my best coping mechanisms are – being with people I love dearly, being with people I feel emotionally secure with ( that talk about Rosie and our grief ), being with Rosies friends ( this is like a venn diagram – they can fall in the first 2 catagories ), being with people who have don’t see my baggage ( my students, old dears at Brigstock, people at the soup kitchen etc etc.) gay musicals, straight musicals, laughing, walking, being in beautiful places, games, more games, painting, cooking,and even sometimes, reading.

So , these couple of days should tick alot of those boxes. After Brigstock yesterday, Sarah and I went to eat , drink and see ‘Sweet charity’ – it was amazing .Tamsin Outhwaite was sensational, forget her in Eastenders , she can sing , dance act, make you laugh , cry , etc. After a couple or R&C’s post production, with the cast…OK so not actually with them , but sitting on a settee and gawping at them , we were the last to leave the theatre and had missed the last tube home !

Then today ,Mandy and I are off to Hampton Court, which is spookily thematic as I have just finnished reading ‘Dissolution’ by CJ Sanson ( 463 pages – progress eh ? )and have just started’The other Boleyn girl’ by Phillippa Gregory.

Sad news , Grandmas table companion , Arthur, died earlier this week . As he would say ”Bu**er” !

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  1. Dunno why i like it so much but i’ve read the other boleyn girl like 5 times haha. D’you like it so far? definitely avoid the film though, it was rubbish!


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