Go west

Sadly Sally, not yet , but once Jacob’s website is up and running , you’ll be able to see them ( 2017 ?? )

Flo and Holly meeted and greeted, while Joe waited on tables at the Ace fundraising quiz ,last night. About 200 people went and I’m sure F&H remembered all their names ( another ?) . A huge thank you to Holly and Joe for helping and giving your time , it means a hell of a lot.

Just got in as I shot straight from work to meet Melinda ,Grandma’s Aussie physio.Not many glad tidings there.Grandma has lost all weight bearing strength in her left leg and can no longer use her rotator (as she calls it ). Meanwhile Flo and John shot off to Brum to see Nanny and her visiting relatives from Ireland, meanwhile Jacob has arrived home ( for 24 hrs ) to an empty house aaaahhhh.

John is sweeping me off to Stourhead tomo. I’ve never been and it looks beautiful. Amazon dropped my new OS map off this morn , so we are heading west for yet another mini-break.

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