God, I’m going to miss them.

It’s countdown to the big day..This time in 10 days, Jacob and John will be on a plane flying to Nairobi ( that’s if they’ve found their way out of terminal 5 car park ).They have both been training really hard.John’s been spinning,cycling,falling off, getting back on,running , more cycling ( 4 times round Richmond Park on Saturday ) and reading about the passion of Fausto Coppi.Jacob has been cycling The North East, Berwick , Corbridge,Hadrian’s Wall ( until the hangover kicked in ).He’s been improving his stamina by carrying a friend over the sand dunes and building up his stomach lining , by eating lots of dodgy pies. He’s focused his brain by reading lots of arty-farty books that have nothing to do with running.They have both done all of this for one reason – because they love Rosie.

So to keep Rosie’s spirit alive by giving the children of The Southend Academy the chance of an independent and healthy future, please please sponsor them. Your words of encouragement are just as important as your donations


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