Good Food for Good Causes

Some good has to come out of all our sadnesses doesn’t it ?

Otherwise what is the bloody point .

So another family whose 14 year old son ,Felix ,died suddenly of meningococcal septicaemia in July 2014 , have set up The Felix Project

Breaks a little bit more off my heart when I read about him

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  1. What a great charity – it’s inspiring how much good they’re doing after such a short time. Feeding people who don’t have the means to feed themselves, for whatever reason, is meeting such a fundamental need. I mean, if you’re hungry how are you ever going to be able to concentrate on anything other than finding sustenance?

    It’s sad, though, that all this good has had to come from such tragedy. I imagine young Felix would be proud as punch.

    Just in the same way I’m in awe that you and Rosie provide so much good – and a future – for the kids from South End Academy, I’m impressed that Felix’s family have also found the right way to them to honour their son and make the world that much better.

    Thanks for sharing Rachel and much love, as always xxx

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