Got to keep busy

Surpassed myself in keeping positively distracted today. By 10.45,Emma and I were sitting in the cafe on West Wittering Beach, eating an apricot cake that tasted of bubble bath ( didn’t stop us finishing it though ).Then we did a bracing walk round the headland , collecting shells for work .Then we noticed the bag moving , so we put the live animals back in the sea.I love the English Coast in the winter . Then we shot into Chichester and saw the most amazing piece of physical ( not us , esp after THAT cake and the picnic in the car ) theatre -‘ Beautiful Burnout’. It’s a Scottish production set in the boxing ring. All the boxers training, work-outs and fights are choreographed to this really loud electro music , by ‘Underworld’ . Bloody brilliant and very moving- I wasn’t prepared for the ending.

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