Got to keep busy …..

I liken Grandmama’s life at Uplands to living on a cruise ship ….except there is no sea, no captains table , no piling on a coach to see a defunct volcano.BUT there are meetings with Lambeth social services ( which I went over for yesterday and with the cuts will probably be streamed down to 2 admin assistants by 2012 ) and most importantly , there is entertainment .On Wednesday they had a crooner , who Grandma loved .He ticked her big box as she said ”I could hear every word he sang”. Then yesterday while I digested ‘rights and benefits of people in care in Lambeth ( by 2012 it will probably just be the grandparents of the previously mentioned 2 admin assistants ) while Grandma and the Uplands Gang listened to carols sung by Dunraven School Choir . Then today , I am going over again to go with Grandma to the residents and rellies Christmas party , with live entertainment and hopefully Kareoke. I love stuff like that (UDT- nothing to do with milk, but unchallenged distraction therapy ).

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