Got to rush……..

OMG did you see the article on page 49 of the Sunday Times Supp ( the copy with Russell Brand on the front looking spookily like Jesus ) ? No don’t get too excited , its not about Rosie’s exhibition or my hang up with work surfaces BUT it’s about females who blog – some spending up to 3 hours a day doing it ( very dangerous , when would they have time to use their new spray surface cleaner ? ). Some people are even addicted ?? So , if you too have that problem – come clean , reveal yourself and perhaps we could start a self- help group .

Well I was back at work today and off to a TCF meeting tonight, throwing a 3 course gourmet dinner at J&F somewhere between the 2 .

3 Replies to “Got to rush……..”

  1. three things- I thought Brand looked really good without the back combed hair….
    -I’m only addicted to this blog ,so do I have a problem?
    -Why are you throwing food at poor Johnnie and Flo?

  2. I dont personally blog but i check this blog a probably unhealthy amount so i definitely think i qualify for the self help group…
    Clare Fletcher, Lorna Kyle and Sarah Clarke need to surrender themselves to this as well, no denying it!

  3. Are you a blogger if you don’t have your own but read others? A V(ision) blogger? Apart from yours, I was once drawn into the world of shabby chic blogs. I ordered some vintage fabric online and that seller had a blog. She then listed 40 odd blogs that she read. It was like chocolate to me. I viewed them all and my heart started racing like I’d had 6 espresso,one after the other.Then it all went crazy,blogs were opening on their own and I was being showered with faded roses wallpaper,white enamel soapdishes,victorian silk slippers,porcelain dolls and wired-haired dogs(people always like to show you their dogs).It was all too much for me and I had to call for re-inforcements to close it all down. I had to watch ‘Hole in the wall’ to get my sanity back. I want to go back there but I daren’t…..

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