Grandma- living art

Next year Dec, we’ll be over. We will celebrate Neal’s 41st and swim with Dottie – which I imagine is very similar to swimming with dolphins ?!

I am sensory overloaded. The day started with a fabulous shiatsu massage and general therapy session with my friend Fashadeh. I whizzed home via Waitrose. Its the only dam place i can get Grandma’s suckies and Daisy’s catfood. I take a sharp intake of breath before I go in and avoid going past the cheese section it crucifies me every time. Then I had my Birthday present from my wonderful team at work – a reflexology massage. A lovely lady, Pui, came to the house and she had the delights of doing my feet for an hour . Her job wasn’t helped that I’d sliced my big toe open on Sat night ( look away Ann ) and so she had to work round the bandage ! After coffee at Roccoco’s chocolate shop ( sadly the choc kitchen was closed for the hols- but the lovely Turkish terrace was open ), we went to see the ‘Abstract America’ exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. If you have been , don’t you think Grandma would fit in well in in Gallery 13 ”Old persons Home 2007” .? If you haven’t get clicking – it must be on googletubeimages somewhere.

So I did all the things Rosie loves , and as usual I held her hand and whispered to her. Tonight she will love – I am going out for a drink with a friend !

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