Grandma’s on the move

Adam, good idea , where do you propose we sit Grandma – entrance hall to Central St Martins sound OK ?

Lorna and Helenka, I agree the photos Bert chooses are fabulous. The big one was taken , one April , on the statue , on the top of the hill , between the 2 beaches in Tenby . The very same place Rosie ate her ’99’ , asked Jacob for a lick of his and then ate his flake he’d been saving til last ! No tears there ?? I’m not sure who took the 2nd photo . was is Florence ( it’s not that I CBA to ask her , but she’s out ) ? Then the photo of Rosie in the Richmond Tunnel , was taken by Jacob at about 6am – hence the head down , hands in pockets. I ADORE that photo, but sadly , find it very hard to look at . It sounds silly , but it is so Rosie and I want her so much, it is just too painful and sad.

You’ll be pleased to know the meeting went well last night. Brigstock will close in May and all the inmates ( as Billy one of the residents calls them – mind you he did the crack the same joke about 5x – he pointed at me and said ”mind you ,you’re the lucky one ,you’re going to Holloway ”) are moving to ‘Addington Heights’. It is bittersweet- I have no doubt the new place will be fab . Big rooms , en suite shower rooms, nursing care – so people won’t have to move out when they need that sort of care, Grandma won’t be able to keep out of the multigym and they are employing an activites organiser. But it is so far away. One resident is 97 , her daughter is her 70’s ( I’ll be honest , I got confused when she started asking about getting there on Tramlink, as I thought she was on the 2nd floor , and it was a bit mean of Croydon Council to make the residents move themselves ) and it is doubtful she’ll be able to visit her Mum. The mood lightened somewhat ,when the floor was thrown open to questions, Billy asked if he could buy an electric wheelchair…of course , then he explained he hasn’t had one since he was arrested by the police for being drunk and disorderly on it ! Thats the new paintwork sorted then.

All Brigstock names have been changed to avoid litigation.

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