Grief is Love

If on the 57th month anniversary of Rosie’s death you have 16 minutes and 48seconds to spare today ,please watch this film ‘ Say their name’ .

I hope it may provide an insight into the devastating experience of the death of your child or sibling and why it hurts so much when friends you have known for 25years and who knew Rosie all her life , choose to ignore you at a party or a festival or in a local shop .Their actions intensify the feelings of sadness and loneliness .

Thank You Bert for the photos .The first on safari in 2004 , the second outside our front door ,and the third with Georginina ( which became her name after the night of ‘The Pickering Blind Date ‘- the TV show ,not an actual one – she was about 8 at the time !).

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  1. I watched it .It made me reflect on my own behaviour .All i can add is that ,those friends who ignore you should be renamed the Uncompassionate friends. I’m sure they wouldn’t like to be in your shoes .I can only imagine that you need all the support you can get .

  2. Very moving and it made me say Rosie out loud in my empty bedroom I know I had not seen Rosie for many years but she had never been forgotten by me and Dan and Rory and I often talk about her to people who never had the pleasure of meeting her.I will always remember her looking after Rory at our fabulous picnics at Blenheim x

  3. Thank you Julia..that means a lot . I remember them all trying to do cart-wheels and Jacob and Dan running alongside the little train .The icing on the cake was when the groundsman’s wife showed us that little freshwater spring on the far side of the lake and the kids all paddled and caught minnows and we had our second picnic of the day whilst looking over towards Blenheim Palace.

  4. I just watched this. Like Julia it made me say Rosie’s name out loud, and also my friend Mike’s son, Liam, who died less than a year ago. I, too, talk about Rosie – telling people about her artistic talents, her school and about her mother who has taught me much about the colossal pain of losing a child. And, in doing so, guided me in supporting Mike over the past 10 months. Thank you for posting it Rachel.

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