As we landed in Amsterdam on Friday ,we had a text from Florence telling us of the devastating fire raging through Glasgow School of Art .Florence had just been evacuated from the new GSA building opposite and could see the flames coming from the roof of The Mac .It must have been terrible – we can only imagine .Thank goodness no one was hurt .But how awful for the students’ whose final pieces were being completed and installed that very day , and for the other students and of course, for the people of Glasgow .That building is so special to all of them .When I have been round it , Florence and I took our photos at the desks on the top floor and then dancing around the statues .Rosie,Holly,Stu and I peered through the doors into The Library and then sat in The Lecture Theatre only to be told it is near dam impossible to get a place at GSA we shot off to get haggis ,neaps and tatties .
It really is a beautiful , working ,iconic art school .

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