It was a year ago – the Thursday of Oct half term, that Rosie and I had the most fabulous day out. I persuaded her we should go and see Glasgow School of Art , even though I knew she would almost definitely stay in London to study (?). Well I got free flights on my airmiles , so this time a year ago we were wending our way to Heathrow terminal 5, to have breakfast in Gordon Ramsays ( before he filled his face with chemicals !).We were so excited we even phoned Jacob to tell him where we were and that we were about to fly over his head – as I recall we woke him up. ( well at that time it is darker in Newcastle ) . Once on board , Rosie was desperate to have a ‘Bloody Mary’ as she’d never had one , but then she bottled out and we both had a brandy and ginger.We chatted with the stewardesses and they told us where to go for cocktails – you can see we were taking this college visit very seriously ! Once in glasgow ,we got lost , had a mini-row ( Rosie expected me to know where to go – having never been there before……..), got lost and eventually got to GSA- with around 10,000 other people. But we bumped into Holly and Stu and went to an introductory lecture with them ,wandered a bit and then went to a portfolio lecture in this wonderful art deco theatre. After that my caffeine levels had dipped to dangerously low levels , so instead of going with Stolly for the next lecture ,I said I’m off to seek refreshment and Rosie came too. We walked down to Sauchiehall ( Spelling – wrong ) Street and Rosie phoned Izzy as she knew somewhere fab to eat- The willowtree Tearooms. Rosie let out a huge PHAH, as we were standing right outside them. After haggis ,neaps and Tatties we went in search of The Air stewardesses recommended cocktail bar , but we got hopelessly lost and hysterical, so we ended up in ‘All Bar One’ with a bottle of chilled white. It didn’t take long to make radio contact with Stolly .They got more lost than us and collared some poor local to bring them there ! So after another bottle and a debrief ( nice college – too far – not a hope in hell of getting in ) , they left ( crap timing with easyjet ) and Rosie insisted she buy me a whisky in a’ proper ‘ pub. So our adventure continued. It was a BRILLIANT day and I’m so so so glad we did it. I would do ANYTHING to be able to do it again.

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  1. the day sounds so lovely, i was just up there yesterday for this years open day with my dad. i knew rosie had come up to GSA last year and was picturing her and you here. x

  2. haha I remeber this day, I went with my mum too and I remember Rosie saying how we should all go for cocktails and that the mums should definately meet. I think me and my mum had to get an early train or for what ever reason were unable to meet up with you all. We ate at the willowtree tea rooms too though 🙂
    I remember that lecture theatre, the whole building was beautiful! Shame they only let about 2 people in !!

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