Guess where? …Uplands

I have just returned form a Hawaiian Flower festival .

Everyone was decked out in grass skirts, wore flowery shirts , had garlands round their necks and a glass of punch ( well luke warm Leibraumilch with an umbrella in it ) in their hands . At the beginning , we were all asked to stand ( those that could- which weren’t many ) for the – what I thought was going to be ,The Hawaiian National Anthem’, but in fact turned out to be ‘I will always love you ‘by Whitney Houston, danced romantically by Ivan ( not a resident, but the new- second in command activities organiser ) and his special friend. We then went on to watch more dances, snapshots of the Philippines ( none Hawaii or even of of Streatham ) and eat lots of exotic fruit dipped in whipped cream.True to form ,the evening finished off with Karaoke, with mine and Priscilla The Housekeeper’s YMCA , getting the highest score and most audience participation.If they’d been able to do ,I’m sure we’d have had a standing ovation .

Then it was inside for a team photo.

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