Haircut 100 ( literally )

Sarah , lets just say , Janice’s fishing trip didnt invovle any fish , just a net, rubber gloves , a bucket and a hot shower !

Bob, were you and everyone else happy with the result ? Kate was a sure bet and I think my James really couldnt cope – he never answered a question just sweated and looked uncomftable. What are we going to do on future Wednesdayss – please do not all chorus ‘ Big Brother ‘- Ok I know they’ll be at least 2 bloggers watching , Flo and Lorna – perhaps they could set up their own message board ?

Wednesday is ‘Hairdresser day’ at Brigstock manor . For £5 you can get a wash , shampoo and set. Of course Grandmama doesn’t bother with any of this , she has a straightforward haircut – still £5 , something wrong there. I can still remember the day , about 20 years ago when Mother liberated herself, she cancelled her appt for a perm , let her hair go grey and had it cut in a straight wedge. Jane told her she looked like a lesbian ( nothing wrong with that ). Mother was so proud and has kept ‘her’ look. Well , I asked Hungry ( from Hungary ) what his name is ….Lazlo. Try teaching Grandma how to say that , she hates learning new words . So at pop-in ( sausage, chips , toms and peas – 70p ) , I had everyone saying it , spelling it and rejoicing in his skills.

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  1. When james admitted his incontinence (‘Unfortunately a tiny bit of wee happened’) I rather went off him. And his CV photo! Looked like he was catching flies…..

  2. They definitely got rid of the right one – watched James on Breakfast TV (had day off because of the election) couldn’t even tell the difference between gross and net pay – Debra had to help him out – he wouldn’t have lasted a day with Sir Alan – I just love it when they discuss the interviewees and Alan listens with that quizzical, half smile – I agree it’s going to be a sorry wednesday without him.

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