Half term

This last week it has been about all things spiritual ( for me )


2.Water .

3.A free Jehovah’s Witness publication

let me expand in bullet form , (too busy planning my route and making my butties to write too much , plus you’d only get bored )

1. Have seen

‘The Great American Trailer Park Musical ‘ – think fringe version of Jerry Springer the Opera – Brilliant

The film ‘Sing Street ‘- Dublin , eighties music ,bullying by The Christian Brothers , great personalities, amazing songs- also brilliant

‘The Pink Singers’- just wonderful ,uplifting .I’d like them to sing at my funeral

then this afternoon it’s the big one ………… Brucie Springsteen at Wembley – we are very very excited .

2. have walked beside ….

The North Sea .

The English Channel

My pond- five fish still alive

The River Thames

3.Yesterday John was visited by 2 Jehovah’s witnesses and was given a copy of ‘The Watchtower’ .

Normally I would put it in the recycling bin , but this time the cover ‘Coping with Grief ‘caught my eye and so I took it with me and read it on the tube and until it got to the deeply religious bit it made a lot of sense and made me feel Ok about feeling happy or sad or angry or fearful or scared or disappointed.

”Grief can affect us in various ways, but for many the overriding feeling is one of intense emotional pain.

Grief is said to be a necessary part of the healing process and of learning to adapt to the new situation. There is an empty space where before there was a living human. We need to adjust to life without that person. Grief may provide a necessary emotional release. Of course, not everyone grieves in exactly the same way. One thing, though, seems to hold true: Repressing your grief can be harmful mentally, emotionally, and physically. How, then, can you express your grief in healthy ways?

Many bereaved ones have found that talking can be a helpful release.

Writing can also be a helpful release. Some who find it difficult to talk about their feelings may find it easier to express themselves in writing.

Crying may also serve as an emotional release. “

Working through grief takes patience, for you may feel that you are on an emotional roller coaster. Remember that you do not have to be ashamed of your tears. Many faithful individuals have found that shedding tears of grief is a normal and necessary part of the healing process.”

…and so it went on

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