Hannah is over from Jersey

It’s sort of going round in my head ,when do I stop writing this thing ? I desperately want people to look at Rosie’s website and I love it when there’s a little comment in the box, BUT ,I fear I am danger of repeating myself. I was going to write about John and my beautiful ,rain soaked , Child Bereavement Charity ,snowdrop walk around The National Trust Gardens of West Wycombe House, but you heard all about that one year ago.So instead I’ll tell you the latest news- I won contract whist last night chez Kay & Winstons, we have roast lamb for dinner, Ann and Ian are saving our screen and as I type Hannah Quenault is lost in Hyde Park , looking for Rosie’s Plaque !

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  1. meanwhile I’m lost in google looking at photographs of the Isis, hoping that there may be one showing Rosie’s plaque… not quite the same as a ‘real world’ visit but thinking of you and Rosie anyway.

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