Happy Hols

Nat, and I thought the top corner was a Tracey Emin -( or a Tracey Beaker )- I never knew you had so much talent.

We are off on our hols tomo. The Clarkes are kindly taking us away to a villa . Flo has packed her tennis whites, Jacob his rubber ring and John his bicycle clips. I have the new Sarah Waters book – but nothing can be as good as Fingersmith. It is the first family holiday,in 19years I have been on without Rosie. I am taking her with me. Her passport is tucked inside my handbag and I will write and talk to her everyday. How she loved Spain, especially sticking her fingers into everyones food ! I know we we shall be looked after and it is comforting being with people who love us.

Did anyone see the lady on the 10K crouch down and have a wee ? Apparently Ian did. It wasnt someone with Rosies face on her back I hope !

Adam txted me today , he is at Latitude.Lykke Li is playing – she is SO rosie.

Enjoy your week xxx

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