he doesn’t look a day over 47

I know it is a bit late ,but thank you Darren for the fabulous green background and the lovely photos of Rosie (in the matching lime green fleece )

God knows where the first one is taken,but if you look closely ,you’ll notice they are in the back seat of a car and Jacob is proudly wearing his Aston Villa sweatshirt…aah sweet ( as Rosie would say )

The second ,I think , is with Leo and oddly enough the third one I find the hardest to look at, as that day is firmly etched in my mind . Rosie’s face glowed as she walked with The Guides down Boston Road ,as part of the Hanwell Carnival Parade . Sarah and I were stood outside Elthorne park , when Georgina ,Rosie and the rest of the pack went past .

They were so happy .Rosie’s face just lit up when she saw us .

I never walk past that spot without thinking of her , in that dress , holding that placard

This weekend is to be very special John and I are flying to Nice tomorrow to celebrate ( one of the bestest friends a girl could possibly have ) Declan’s 60th birthday in St Tropez.

We are excited bunnies

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