he fooled Penn and Teller you know

This has been an odd /difficult/emotional/funny sort of weekend .

John and I had made no plans as we wanted to take The Green Goddess ( our VW campervan ) out on her 2013 overnight maiden voyage .BUT ,as we are fair weather campers and as it is so dam cold at night , we abandoned that idea and gave her a run out to Cliveden instead . Cliveden looks fabulous at the moment . We coffeed in The Orangery ,gawped through the windows at the rich people having posh lunches, walked down to The Thames, lingered at the boathouse where I have such happy memories of Jacob,Rosie,Florence and Jo Williams , paddling in The Thames and collecting Minnows in our Ikea plastic cups, got lost in The Maze ( new ) , empathised with the grounds men in The Water Garden ,as their pond has also gone a murky shade of green and so no longer can we see their Koi Carp ( me, one fat goldfish ) and then I got a phone call …from my cousin Philip ,in Oman ., telling me his Mum, my Auntie Grace ,is not too well. So John and I abandoned our walk to Bluebell Woods and hotfooted it over to Grace’s Old Folks Home , and just sat with her ,held her, talked to her .

A few weeks ago we were invited to a cheese and wine evening at St Paul’s Church ,for all the volunteers .We’ve never been to a social there, and I guess ,me being a non-believer , felt a bit like I was there under false pretences ( although I do not think anyone at the church feels like that, they are a very welcoming, hospitable and inclusive ,lot ). But because last night we were feeling a bit flat and sad – we went , and boy was I glad we did .There was a great atmosphere ,plenty of people I felt safe talking to, lovely wine,cheese,coffee and chocolate, funny speeches and then entertainment , who only turned out to be my ‘all time international fave ,northern ,ex-copper turned comedy magician ‘ John Archer .He was brilliant and funny and just what we needed.

Now I’m just off to spend the afternoon with Grace .

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