He hasn’t really got boney fingers , it just makes for a better story.

Now you see him , now you don’t. Unless of course you are Florence and you hear him tapping on your window at 2oclock in the morning , pull your curtain back and just see his boney fingers and the top of his red hat that hasn’t been off his head since he came back from Georgia ( maybe he’s joined a cult ? ). AF was up at 4.30am, on the first leg of his journey( Bermonsey underground station ) to Gigha. God knows where he is now ( probably still on the jubilee line – asleep ).

It was pouring with rain when I took Grandmama out for lunch today . She wanted to go to a pub, so I racked my brains and came up with ‘The Alleyns Head’ in W.Dulwich…it ticked all the boxes, big, bright , rough ( didn’t used to be ), disabled parking and with the added bonus of a 2 meals for £8 deal and a lovely barmaid who insisted that she waited on table for us. Grandma asked how i knew the place, I replied I knew it from my schooldays… she seemed to think I knew a lot of pubs in that area from my schooldays ( well i had to have some leisure time after all that hard work and fake I.D. was not invented or asked for circa 1974, between 12 and 2.30 in term times- if you were wearing a uniform )


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  1. Rachey darl. I didn’t stay on the jubilee line. I’m in newcastle. hows the G? two saaf landan gals back in their element, sinking a few brandies.

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