he was like a poor mans’ Derren Brown

Calamity J.strikes again – poor old John has once more come off his bike and skinned his left hand side. Jacob has given him a team – talk .i.e. slow down and be careful ( and put the stabilisers back on ). We need him fit for Kenya.

I feel I’m halfway to getting my equity card , as last night I was on stage . Admittedly ,it was only downstairs in the Drayton , at a night of mystery , magic and mayhem . I was the mind readers stooge. I had to draw something tiny on a piece of paper ,then put it in an envelope , seal it , then go on stage ,and standing back to back with the ‘great Mygestico’ draw my picture again , while he did the same. I tried to fool him , by drawing a Christmas pudding . The tension mounted , until he turned his white board round to reveal his picture — a big circle with spots on and 2 bunny ears coming out the top – mine was a very sophisticated currant laden pud with 3 holly leaves on the top and sitting on a plate. But in his sealed envelope , he’d written ‘pudding’. The audience gasped until I told them he was meant to be writing what I had drawn – not what I looked like .

Adam – that recipe sound fab- but , Rosies Camembert wouldn’t have got as far as the oven !

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