Heavy on the grease

If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, get yourself a tub of popcorn and a carton of Kiora and bed down to watch Jacob’s 2 films- ‘River of Mud’ and ‘Salmon’. You can see them on jacobdwyer.com .

If you are too busy and want to see the real thing ,Newcastle Uni’s Fine Art degree Show is coming to Shoreditch Town Hall 6-9 July and I promise you no dripping testicles……… but you could ask to see the nude calendar ( not telling you which month Jacob is – you’ll have to look and guess ).

Just off for Grandmama’s special day – she’s asked for savaloy and chips.

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  1. watched Jacob’s films today – what an amazing job he has done with both of them; awesome cinematography! when’s the first feature due???

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