Help …if you’re passing and you have one at home

You know that old saying ‘you can’t teach an old bag new tricks’ , well today that applies to me. We’ve finally relinquished all ties with Rupert Murdoch ( ie got rid of Sky ) and instead ,are lining poor Richard Branson’s pockets ( ie ,had Virgin installed ). I’ve worked out how to 1.turn it on 2.pause. 3. record Embarrassing Bodies , and now I’m stuck .If it means reading a manual – forget it , I’ll stick with the pressing buttons, turning it off and on , and getting the hump.

Took Grandmama to the Rookery for lunch today .I think I’ve told you of the notoriety of the top densely wooded part of Streatham Common we have to walk through to get to the cafe. Well , when we got back to Uplands and Arthur , The Manager , asked The G. where we had been , she told him ‘Porno Park’.( honest )

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  1. At the risk of of sounding pervy, could you tell us again what goes on in wooded S Common? I can’t remember!
    Ann xx

  2. Wel….in the carpark ,lots of people park their cars , but have forgotton to bring Rover ( although sometimes they have his chain ), so they have to check in other peoples cars , if Rover is in there .Sometimes they are so worried they forget to put their cothes on properly . Then in the trees , there are lots of men ,who appear to be playing hide and seek ( or maybe they are also looking for Rover )

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