Here’s to Angela and Rosie , who never knew each other , but still give us so much love

Due to a cock-up over wind speeds we never made it to the cable car yesterday . You’ve probably gathered , I LOVE the cable car .

So instead we went to the Tate Britain to see ‘Queer British Art 1861-1967’.

I always find it hard going to the Tate Britain , as I have to go past Chelsea College of Art . But yesterday , I didn’t just walk past it , I pulled my shoulders back , took a deep breath and walked right across the courtyard – corner to corner . It wasn’t easy , I kept thinking ..this time 9 years ago , this time 9 years ago – I couldn’t get it out of my head .I could see Rosie there . I met my friend Judy in the members cafe and she told me ,she too had tested herself ,by walking up the front steps . A few years before her daughter Angela died (in South Africa ) they had come to London for a holiday .Angela had a list of things she wanted to do , and one of them was to have her photo taken on the steps of The Tate . So unbeknown to each other ,we had both dug very deep .No-one in that cafe would ever know .

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