he’s the one who beat Penn and Teller

Kate, Rosie used to eat apple cores , orange and lemon peel and all the nobbly bits of stuff ,no-one else would touch.

Luckily I opened a scabby-looking email today .It said ‘The Magical World of John Archer is cancelled’.That’s where we were going tonight .I love him , so down to earth and his tricks are so simple and amazing .So we’re avoiding sulking by going out for supper instead .

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  1. We have no tinternet and no TV at home , so I’m just typing this quickly after work ( dunno why , but this PC won’t let me write on the blog ). Anyway today was wonderful , after months of planning , it was my class’s ROA ceremony – i was moved to tears by all of them – we had photos/music/speeches/presentations and then fish and chips and a disco . I’m pooped and emotional (but not pooped enough to miss tonights Ealing comedy fest). last night florence and i went to the Young Vic Tunnels to see the film ‘Saturday Night Fever ‘. i love that place , it smells of damp and you can hear the trains overhead rumbling in and out of Waterloo Station . The whole place was done up as if you were in brooklyn in the late seventies- bars, strippers, hot dogs , pizzas ,cocktails, streetcleaners, entertainers etc .the during the film , dancers got up and did the dosco moves …and the the hi-light was the disco , complete with dancers , a lit up disco floor, cocktails , someone showing us the moves. it would be great if you were in a crowd , but a bit sad for Florence being with me .We just stood ,jigging a little and watching everyone elase

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