His stuff is amazing

I’m all fired up ( artistically ), I’ve just got in from a workshop, led by Carl Gabriel , the world famous carnival artist, specialising in wire formed sculptures. He does loads of work for The Notting Hill Carnival…we made our own lttle mask ….so if you see me around W.Ealing wearing a huge head-dress ( and very little else ) you know I’ve been well and truly inspired !

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  1. He sounds wonderful! I love it when people work with wire—not your barbed stuff. I saw a beautiful little puppy,at a quality craft fair once,knitted out of wire. It was too expensive for me but I still think about it….

  2. I love how the little word/number thing I have to type reads sh1t !! I think we should have our own float/procession at the carnival, in memory of Rosie.

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