Holiday hi-lights


seeing my family

watching Thor ,Frigg and Gro do their Karate

resisting the urge to join in

street-food at Paper Island

the city centre boat trip ..and remembering the time when we tried to get Grandamama on vessel and she had one leg on the boat and the other on dry land when it started to move !

amazing barbecued dins at Richard and Lise’s pad

visiting Richard and Lise’s beautiful summerhouse

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – like Carlsberg probably the best art gallery in the world .

watching Thor, Kristian and Jacob strip down to their shreddies and jump in the sea

resisting the urge to join in

Kristians pizza
Sarah’s rye bread

Thors’s cook-up on the fire

winning the bowling ( girls’s lane )

winning 2 out of 3 games of Scrabble

seeing white deer and white snails in Dyrehaven Park

riding a bike


seeing Ingrid and Jannicke ( and her new white tattoo)

getting the funicular up to the top of Mount Floyen

walking by Bryggen harbour at 11 o clock at night when it is still light

taking the cable car up Mount Ulriken

making up as many possible innuendoes about John mounting Ulriken

not being able to see a thing as the cloud was so low

cloud lifting

walking in the snow without the fear of falling off a mountain

the Bergen Railway

a fjord cruise

the Flam Railway

a million zillion amazing waterfalls and mountains and snow and sheer beauty

loosing one game of scrabble

Holiday low points

saying good-bye to my family

saying good-bye to Jacob and Florence

in my head ,seeing Rosie in that photo of the 5 of us at Nyhavn and wishing wishing wishing she was with us all

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