Honey we’re home

We’ve done all things Scandi – eaten weeds, meatballs and chilli liquorice .Wherever possible embraced the Hygge ( could so easily have been arrested ,especially on The T.Bana ) .

I thought Stockholm was amazing , so beautiful .

We rode the ocean waves to Fjaderholmarna and Djurgarden . Saw a photographic exhibition at 1 in the morning , walked the bridges ( not to be mistaken with THE bridge ) . Strolled the aisles of the Systembolaget . Ate weird and wonderful stuff which was cooked at odd temperatures . Gawped at their style . Was impressed with their footwear- all women wear fabulous flat shoes.

But the best bit was being with the fam .

We celebrated Richard’s 68th Birthday at Sophienholm. We barbecued at their summer house ( a bit like The Royals ) . We went to my favourite art gallery in the world, Louisiana ,and saw a brilliant William Kentridge exhibition. We walked, talked, played Scrabble ( in English , can’t cope with all those J’s and an O with a line through it ) , ate communally at Absalom Church , I had a facial , courtesy of my niece ,Victoria , remembered Jane on the 16th anniversary of her death and fell in love ,with the newest member of the family , Elvis .

Missing them all like crazy now .

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  1. sounds fab-how many hours of daylight were there? I would love to do the 24 hour-long day once in my life.

  2. Lots of hours …the sun rose around 4 and set around 10 .
    The curtains in our Stockholm airbnb didn’t close , so it was full on Vitamin D for us
    Loved it !

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