Although it didn’t stop me doing a ‘park the car , walk the wrong way up the lane, retrace steps ,get onto the Chiltern Way and then walk 6 glorious miles through ,woods,meadows,mud,bogs through villages ,woods and crossing The River Chess twice, plus having a picnic ,coffee and scooby-snacks along the way ‘ kind of a walk ..I thought about the Hutton family all the way .

Before setting off ,I bumped into a friend of some friends,a lovely lady called Mercy .We chatted – but she is hell .Two weeks ago this evening her son ,Marc , popped out from his flat in Putney to buy some food .He has not been seen since . He is 28 around 6′ tall and quite distinguishable as he is on crutches following a knee operation . She is amazing .I admire her tenacity and hope and strength and calm , which must be at probably the most trying time of her life. Their family are all circling around in my head .It is NOT about me or us ,I just feel her pain .
When there is some news ,I shall share it with you

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