Horse meat springs to mind

This week we were very touched by a letter we received from the parents of one of the Italian students who stayed here .It was a lovely letter full of warmth and thanks , and included the words

” every day our son remembers his fantastic experience in London and every day he speaks about something: parks,foxes,squirrels,shop like Primark, Westfield,also theatre ,River Thames,museums,and about you,your family,your happiness,your original book with signatures, and your…delicious lasagne !

I wouldn’t mind ,but that was the only time I gave him a ready-meal .John and I were going out and so I popped into Lidl on the way home from work …..

I rest my case !

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  1. ‘Foxes’ are a pretty good London attraction as well.Bet he didn’t expect to see them in your back garden,dragging your plastic lasagne container down Coldershaw Road,they nearly gave the game away…….

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