How long til i retire ?

Bruce is only allowed to go if he takes Tess with him ( and her dresser ). What did Dannii say …I missed all of that cos I was too busy worrying about Terry getting better and making it down to london for ‘Grease’ is the word , is the word……………….

Had a pants day at work – too long and unproffessional ( unlike Danii , by the sound of things ).

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  1. Danyl (male) sang a female pop song but changed the gender so that he was singing about a ‘she ‘rather than a ‘he’ as in the original song. Danyl (he) was in paper saying that he likes he’s and she’s,…so Dannii said that he didn’t need to change the original ‘he’s’ to ‘she’s’,did he? I know!… is that a drain I hear laughing? I can’t wait till next week….

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