How many people did you click – did you have to swop hands ?

Sally ,scroll down and you’ll see Joan’s address under ‘What football ?’. The BT engineer ,is calling there on the 10th July ( good luck to the poor guy ) so then ,hopefully Grandmama can receive calls and resume her telephone dating ( in my dreams ).

Stu , was he with Zoe and Woody and fatgirlbabyslim? How was the world of work – favourite band , Glasto moment etc etc? I bet it was Mumford and Sons or Seasick Steve- cos they were warming up there in anticipation of that HUGE crowd surge at HoppityfarmtheplacetobeseenonJohnsshoulderswhilelookingforAdamWatsonsMumfest.

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  1. he was with zoe, i also clicked in stevie wonder but he was in a car with dark windows so couldnt see him. because of working we didnt get to see alot of the bands we wanted i really liked pet shop boys though. i got your text and we did end up seeing kylie we were with a boy who got really awkwad about going to see shakira as he thought it would be embarrasing and he’d be the only boy there but then revealed his favourite band were the sissors sistors! so we went with him. its funny that you said mumford and sons cause on mine and madielenes second shift we were working with a 40something year old woman who we both thought was familiar then realised after we recognised her from tv and was sure she was an ex big brother contestant. she told us her favourite band were mumford and sons so we planned to go see them just to find her and make her reveal her true identity. since ive been home ive searched all past big brother contestants and not found now thinking we may have just gone a bit crazy in the heat and from too much clicking!

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