Humayun Khan

Yes Judy ,I did read Simon Hattenstone’s interview with Khizr khan about losing his son to the Iraq war , and why it drove him to challenge Mr Trumpton on live TV.

I was moved , impressed ,enlightened and have nothing but awe for the man and his wife ,Ghazala.

This is not about me or Rosie , but about pain and dignity and respect and empathy and support and understanding .Everything that makes our broken lives meaningful and bearable .

In response to Mr Trump suggesting Ghazala may not have been allowed to speak. Khizr said ”I asked Ghazala if she would speak first at the convention.She just looked at me, and I knew that was a no. Ghazala could not even enter the room with Humayun’s picture in it for seven years. It was our youngest son’s job to clean that room. She said: ‘You think I’ll be able to even stand if his picture is on the screen?’ I said, ‘OK, just stand with me and hold me. I will hold you and you hold the podium.’ When we got off the stage you can see I’m trying to put my arm under hers to make sure she doesn’t fall.”

And the article ended with

‘Khan was recently recognised by an airport check-in worker during his book tour. “The fellow who was checking me in at the airport recognised my face and name. He came out and gave me a hug and said: ‘I also lost my son, Mr Khan. Both you and I know that hole in the heart is never filled. We just get used to living with it, so be strong, and you have my support and my prayers, and he went back to his counter and dealt with the rest of the passengers.’” He pauses. “It is true. That hole in the heart always remains.”

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to this Judy .
    I read the whole interview on line and was most touched by the bit when he siad he didn’t worry that speaking might reignite their grief, because it has never left them .
    it is like people avoid talking about our daughters , do they think we have forgotten they have died and speaking about them might make us suddenly remember !

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