I always sing ‘Lose Somebody’ – makes me cry a bit harder and stops me from punching the wall

I have a dear friend Jayne , we are in the cliche of a club that no-one wants to be a member of . I say cliche because it’s used for groups of people , experiencing every different kind of bad stuff . Everyone thinks theirs is the worst .

Anyway ,Jayne’s daughter, Emma , died a couple of years before Rosie .She was a similar age to Rosie and she contracted the same god awful infection . Jayne and I are close , we share stuff . We laugh and cry and walk and eat but disagree on …..omens .
Jayne is a big believer in omens , I’m not .

Then today this happened , I was driving home listening to the dreadful Jeremy Vine and his interesting guest , Emily Dean . They were talking about grief .Well she was talking about the death of her sister ,Rachael , closely followed by the death of her Mum and Dad . Jeremy was just interrupting. Emily has written a book ‘Everybody Died, So I Got a Dog’

The interview ended and the silence was broken by Kings of Leon ‘s ‘Use Somebody’

Maybe Jayne has a point

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