I am so glad we did it

I admit it ,I am an out and out hypocrite .

I don’t tweet and I loathe The Daily Mail , but here is an article flagged up on Twitter, and thank God it was.

It concerns a young man ,Drew Graham, who is a friend of a friend and whom we spent several fabulous new years mini-breaks with . There were around seven families and so 30 to 36 of us . Two ( or maybe even three ) New Years were in Colehayes Park , Bovey Tracey Devon ,and 2 in a Youth Hostel overlooking Treyarnon Bay ,Cornwall .

They were happy ,happy days , full of dancing, walking , table tennis/ pool/ darts/ doms tournaments , old people getting drunk , young people getting drunk and throwing up ( no names-Jacob ) , games of Sardines, country dancing , New Years day hungover dads v children football matches – brutal , Rosie and Helen sinking in marshland , eating pasties in sub-zero temperatures, sledging , playing pass-the-bomb, the name-game, hide and seek , watching films, a cooking/ washing-up /clearing away rota , Costco food ,getting lost on Dartmoor when the fog descended and then driving back to the very spot the next day to realise we’d been on the edge of a precipice, the Mexican wave while taking it in turn to do lick swallow suck tequila shots , New Years Day quiz etc etc

In fact they were more than happy , they were dam amazing


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