I am what I am

Well , I’m thrilled that out of the 19million that watched BGT , 2 of them read this blog and have made some worthy comments….still waiting to hear from Gordon Brown, with an update on Susan Boyle. He is a relative of mine – ALL my Grandparents are ‘Browns’- my Mum never had to change her name

And a big welcome to Blogvirgin ( most people aspire to being one of those ) Helenka **….keep on writing , it should be a good week , apprentice CV’s on Wed.

Just got in from seeing John Barrowman at The Royal Albert Hall. I think I’m in love …with his hips- such amazing pivotal movement ( I’ll be expecting more of that on July !2th ), plus he can belt out a showtune , plus it was the last night of his tour and so his 75yr old mum and 77yr old dad joined him on stage to do ‘The Slosh’ .For Gods sake don’t tell Grandmama, she’ll be volunteering her version of ‘knees up Mother brown ‘ at Questors.

Who needs Simon Schama , when you’ve got me. After testing Flo I know everything you need to know about the Roosevelts Hoover being dammed resulting in America being in the depths of depression and booze being sold illegally- sounds a bit like West ealing !

** Helenka , spooky you have written on the 1st June. Georgina made us a beautiful calender made up of photos of Rosie with friends and family. YOU adorn June along with Kaite, Joella, Leo and Georgina.

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  1. That man has jazz hands that work it work it work it. Such an energy and joy in his whole performance. (Barrowman not Sharma in case you’re confused.com). Shiny suit, shiny shoes and a great mover, belting out some classic Manilow. Brilliant. And as for the audience – well they were a cabaret in themselves. Large, indeterminate sex and wearing feather boas. we fitted in a treat! xxxx

  2. wow a whole night of john barrowman might just have pipped ‘hairspray sing-along’ for cheesiest night ever!
    Cv’s on the apprentice is always the highlight of the show, can’t want to see James flounder under pressure. Yasmina to win! xxxx

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