I can’t even look at some of John’s stripey shirts

Today I escaped from this mad house and sought refuge in St Paul’s Cathedral .It has to be the most beautiful building in London ( The Albert Memorial comes a close second – but you can’t light a candle for Rosie there ).Climbed the 257 steps up to The Whispering Gallery , but just couldn’t face the 376 steps to The Stone Gallery ,let alone the 528 steps to The Golden Gallery .I remember doing the whole 528 steps ,when Jacob,Rosie and Florence , (who was probably about 5), were little .It was a real adventure . Towards the very top ,it becomes a very narrow ,spiral staircase .Once in The Golden Orb ,only Jacob would stand on the square piece of transparent glass , directly over the central Nave …I was too worried about the coming down .All those lines made my eyes go funny .I am so so so glad we did it .

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