I chose the 2 of clubs.

Yesterday was a day of three halves. The first , a friend came for breakfast ,and I cooked up a delicious ( though I say it myself ) interpretation of Nigella’s lemon and polenta cake – for breakfasts’ sake we’ll call it a loaf -as it was that shape and it sounds too piggy to have cake, even though we surrounded it with blueberries, for breakfast.

The second ,nearly killed me, both in my heart and head .It was cognitively and emotionally draining ,and I questioned myself as to if I should have gone.( sometimes I kid myself I’m stronger than I am ). Luckily an elderly couple took me under their wing and the lady,Sonia held my hand throughout. Their son ,Stephen had survived meningitis, 20 years ago , and that morning he had reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. He raised money for MRF.As a supporter of The Meningitis Research Foundation , I put my name down to go up to a site visit at the Medical school, Imperial College at St. Mary’s Hospital . The research was funded by the MRF and presented by 4 medics, the main one being Professor Mike Levin. I won’t go into detail, probably cos I didn’t understand most of it . but if anyone is interested I have 3 handouts I can photocopy for you.The discussion went on til beyond 5 , and so the visit to the Paediatric ITU Unit and to CL3 labs was cancelled .I don’t think I could have coped with them anyway.

The third took me from the sublime to the ridiculous. John and I went to see Chris Dugdale at The Riverside Studios. I guess you’d describe him as ‘a poor mans Derren Brown”. He did tricks, illusions , hypnosis and all that stuff. I was his Debbie McGee for 1 trick- to simplify, I had to think of a card ,and after a few ‘izzy whizzy lets get busy ‘ sort of stunts , he wrote the name of the card I had chosen on 3 separate dollar bills. He got it right. Him,John and a few glasses of Aspinalls Suffolk Cider , got me through the day.

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