i didn’t alter any of their spellings

Did a 10mile round walk yesterday , the hi-light being lunch and a large glass or red at The Stag and Huntsman in Hambledon.Pity it was closed for refurbishment .A pork pie and a packet of salt and vinegar from the local shop weren’t quite the same.

So today i stayed in and did a ‘sort out’ .I came across loads of hand made cards and letters from les enfants ,when they were little . Here is just one from each of them.

”To Mum, hope you have a great birthday.You know you allways say you’ll start your diet tomorrow well why don’t you start now. Theres some lettuce and water to last you for 254 days. Only joking,your perfect. From Jacob ” 15.3.01

”to tooth fairy. please rite your phonenumber and your name.thenk you.my name is Rosie” 19.9.96

”HAPPY Mothers day with yowr hede chopd off.To mum i lave you lave Flo” around March 1998 ( complete with a picture of me with my head chopped off )

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