I don’t blame Sam& Dave

We’ve all done it , left one of our kids somewhere. I reckon that’s why genetically we have kids in our earlier years , cos by now we’d never leave a supermarket with a full set. My worst memory is not leaving one ,but loosing one , and he wasn’t even one of mine – he was a resident of what was then called ‘ a Subnormality Hospital ‘. I was a teacher at the hospital school and on one trip ,of which there were many ( days before health& safety forms ), my assistant, Phyllis, and I took our class of 7 students to the adventure playground in the middle Kingsbury Water Park ( CWP does what it says on the box- dis-used gravel pits filled with water for skiing , kayaking etc ), . All went well until it was time to leave , we counted the heads ,then the legs ,and we were definitely one/two short . We shouted ‘Michael’ ( he had no speech to respond ) and took it in turns to run around the place .I was bricking it , I had visions of him lying face down in a pool of water .After about 20mins ,we decided it was time for Phyllis to get in the mini-bus, drive to the entry gate and dial 999….. when suddenly we saw the huge lorry tyre on chains ( a sort of swing ), shake .Michael had climbed into the tyre and wrapped himself round the inside . We got him out and I hugged him ,I kissed him ( not allowed now ) , then gave him to Phyllis before I nearly killed him . I have to add , he knew exactly what he was doing . Then we all trooped back to the car park .By this time the other students were starving, and one ran ahead to our blue bus and hammered on the window ….but in fact it wasn’t the blue bus , it was the blue car near it , and how was he to know it was home of ‘the local dogging lunchtime club’ For 3 weeks he signed ‘ no pants ?’

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