I earned 50p a day at Thornton Florist and saved all my earnings to buy my next ticket

‘Pre ee ee pare ye the way of The Lord, Pre ee ee pare ye the way of The Lord”

I only had to hear those 7 words ( twice ) and I went all goosey .My heart starting beating faster ,my hands started sweating and then I saw him – and then ,just like 41 years ago ,I started to cry …..David Essex was on stage .Okay so I wouldn’t have recognised him if I passed him the street ,but as soon as he started talking ,I fell in love all over again …

Out of the blue ,last week , a girl I was at school with ,emailed me .She had 2 tickets for a charity version of Godspell on Monday 19th May at the Lyric Shaftesbury Avenue ,and there was only one person she wanted to go with .Sadly she wasn’t available ,so Delia contacted me . We met for pre-swoon drinkies in Waterstones Piccadilly ,( I never knew it had a bar on the fifth floor), and we talked about all our encounters with ‘Dave’ as Auntie Emmie used to call him- just to piss me off .Delia even remembered the last night him and Jeremy irons performed in the show ,15th September 1973.Of course we were there ,as were half the under 16 female population of South London .We were sobbing ,then just as they did their final encore ‘Day by day’ ,so were Dave and Jeremy.

We were so traumatised we didn’t go to The Wimpy Bar for the usual apres-Godspell, bender-burger ( no joke ) .Instead we went straight home and waited for the film ‘That’ll be the day ‘ to come out .

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