I had 8missed calls on my mobile .

For years I’ve dreamed about getting 3 young ,strong firemen in my kitchen and Flo managed it in one lunchbreak. Yes today as I was modrocing( there’s a silent K after the c ) with my Y9’s, Florence was cooking up a gourmet lunch of cheese on toast when whoosh , the kitchen’s on fire , one 999 call later and half of blue watch are trapsing through our kitchen. No harm’s down ( except to my fantasy ) and Flo even managed to eat her lunch and catch the end of ‘loose Women”.

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  1. What amazing restraint you’ve shown, with both the telescope and the huge hoses! Don’t hold back on my account though, a bit of innuendo never hurt anyone.
    Amazing drama today then! I cant believe of all the concoctions the girls have ever made that a fire was started with bloody cheese on toast! Did Flo get any of the firemen’s numbers?!

  2. Rosie would have gone one up on that, and been riding round ealing in the fire engine, if anyone could persuade them, it would be her!

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