I had Petula Clark’s ‘Downtown’ in my head all day – we couldn’t stop singing it !

It was a near perfect day yesterday as I went to 2 places i have always wanted to go ,only a couple of miles apart .

In the morning we went to Sandham Memorial Chapel .

The chapel is tucked away in the Hampshire countryside and houses 19 canvasses painted by one of my all time favourite artists ,Stanley Spencer .

I love his paintings as they are of ordinary people doing ordinary things , but painted with love, humour, amazing detail and deep spirituality . He painted each one to express his military experience during the First World War .But they are not of trenches and death , but of everyday stuff ..cleaning and washing and nursing .

When something resonates with me, I write it down , others peoples words are so clever and beautiful . He said something like ( I can’t read my own writing ) ”I find spirituality in the everyday busy-ness, washing taps,getting dressed , ironing”

Apart from the ironing , so do I . I continue to get up as soon as I wake and enjoy doing everyday things , such as hanging out the washing , putting stuff away , tidying up , all in silence .For me it is therapeutic . I feel safe, useful and peaceful .Why stay in bed and let my mind go a bit haywire ?

Then in the afternoon , it was Highclere Castle and all things Downton .Role play of the highest calibre

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