I have a HUGE pile by my bed- never read , but I do balance my coffee on them

It is like living in a scene from ‘Salmon’ here at the moment as Andrey The Narrator is staying with us , from Poland .So we are doing traditional stuff …watching ‘Four in a Bed’ , going for a Thai meal, wearing shorts ( well nearly ) etc etc.

I’m feeling sad and a bit overwhelmed with going through Grandma’s stuff and arranging her funeral .But bless her on the 16th April 2008 ,she told me what she wanted , so I do have a framework to hang things off . I did think the Dreamboys was a step too far , so I’ve substituted them with a hymn.

So what do I do when I’m feeling like this – yoga, pilates, swim ? No get onto Amazon and press that infamous ‘buy with 1 click ‘ button and order a self help book .This time it is ‘When you are falling ,dive .Using pain to transform your life’ by Mark Matousek

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