I have but 4 words for you -War Horse,Don’t bother.

I sometimes think about what I said at Rosie’s funeral .I should have said more , said this ,said that. I didn’t do her justice ,I didn’t say enough about my love etc etc .These thoughts ( not that they matter ) go round in my head .

Richard Davenport -Hines is a writer and historian .His younger son Cosmo died at the age of 21 in 2008. Recently .I came across this -it is how he ended his speech at Cosmo’s funeral.

” Cosmo with his relish of the human comedy, his delicious sense of the absurd, his wittiness that reduced everything to proportion gave us 20 years of laughter to remember, but whether they will be enough to get us through the next 10,20,30,40 years ,I do not know. If some of us can promise ourselves to carry him in our hearts forever- to remember and emulate the joy-of-life, the consideration for others’ feelings, the courtesy and gentleness that her personified- then his short and beautiful life will not have been a waste.”

Such beautiful words, they sum up how I feel about Rosie.

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  1. What you said at Rosie’s funeral was beautiful and perfect. You have always done Rosie justice throughout her short wonderful life and now in death. She really could not have had a better mother. Rosie was always and please God still is so proud of you. With my love, John

  2. I can only echo John. I remember a lot of what you said and it left me in no doubt that your love for Rosie was as good as it gets. Your words were real and unrehearsed and they moved all of us who were there. I was staggered that you all managed to speak at all but you all did with breath taking beauty and eloquence. These pages are a continuity of that expression of love and they allow us to carry Rosie in our hearts.

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