I have emailed Augustine to find out what SSTRE is

“Dear Rachel , John, Jacob and Florence

I hope you had a good time during December, and you are having a good new year!

I am writing to enclose the results of the 2013 KCPE class. I think some of them you remember very well from your recent visit, and also this is a huge improvement since you started supporting the school.

A majority will get direct admission to secondary schools and I will work with the teachers to get for them support locally where possible as all the children are destitute and will not afford secondary school fees.

Many Thanks and all the best


Augustine Imbuye Wasonga
Country Director, Kenya


We received this email yesterday ,and i thought you might be interested .
I couldn’t download the document onto this blog, but to summarise the average scores were
Kiswahili- 55.3
Science – 48.8
SSTRE- 52.5
I’m sure,like me, you are very proud .Through Rosie, Ace,you ,us , these young people have been given a greater chance in life .
Thank you

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