I hope this isn’t turning into a list of quotes,I don’t mean it to .They just strike a chord.

When will my head let me lie peacefully in bed when I wake up ? This morning ,John and I were the two of the first people in Kew Gardens .It was beautiful . At one point we saw 4 peacocks sitting on the edge of the small pond , their electric blue bodies reflected in the water .Seeing things of beauty is good for the soul …as is the coffee and cake at the end of the walk. Talking of things of beauty …..last night I was taken to see the panto, Snow White done by Drag Queens and tonight is a first – we are going to see something at The Royal Opera House …not opera ( tried that once- its not for me ), not ballet ( unless Billy Elliot counts ), but juggling .It is the Gandini group and it is part of The London Mime festival and it’s in the studio ( cheap and affordable ) bit of the ROH and it’s in Covent Garden – a place where Jane liked to sit and people watch and Rosie went to get her black patent Doc Marten boots.

Today I read this ,by a lady who had cancer.She wrote ” being busy buries that kernel.But I haven’t yet decided if that’s good or bad.”.That sort of sums the active part of my life up

And yes Claire ,I agree , they are beautiful photos . In December, John gave me the most precious calendar made up of photos of Rosie .It’s still in it’s box .I just cannot open it ,those photos make me want her so much that I can’t think straight.

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