I hope you all got better grades than mine

I think I’m becoming boringly cyclic ( as opposed to psychic ). Today the A level results came out .I’ve probably already bored you with the story of the day I got mine .I was working as a nanny for a French family, who were holidaying in Scotland.The results came in the post ( remember that ? ).I opened my envelope, they were c**p. I cried ,phoned my Mum ,who sympathetically said ‘I can’t talk now, I’m running a varicose vein clinic ‘ and put the phone down! The rest is history. As it happened it all turned out OK , I didn’t go to Bristol , but to Sheffield Poly, which I loved. In my own head ,that story used to make me laugh , but now when the A level results come out ,I just think of that phone call from a joyous Rosie .Then I start thinking ,why was she robbed of her life , why did I take our lives for granted , will I ever be with her again ?etc etc.The stupid,questioning list goes on and on.

So I keep keeping busy .Yesterday I spent with my lovely friend Paul .Jacob and I are taking lunch to The G today ,then I’m meeting a friend and going to see ‘Road show’ at the Menier Chocolate Factory ( I love that theatre ) tonight.

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  1. That means if your “A” level results had been better, you wouldn’t have gone to Sheffield and I wouldn’t have heard that raucous cackle across the Totley bar that night and said to myself, whatever she is on I’ll have a double!…….The scary part is……I would never have met you and my life would have been poorer to say the least. Your friendship has been one of the most long-lasting and stable elements of my life. Your love…..the strongest I have felt. You are the same Rachel I met over 30 years ago and a whole lot more. Life has enriched you and robbed you at the same time. I suffer your loss but cannot begin to imagine how terrible it is for you. I can only guess. If love helps…..you have it in abundance…..from me and many others. You still make me laugh……long after you have gone….and that goes for crying too! I love you Rach….with all my heart…..and Dottie does too….and Neal of course……and……..oh just too many to mention……xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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